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Are you considering selling your business and want guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes? Welcome to our comprehensive ‘Sell Your Business’ program called The REBUILD2WIN Transformative Roadmap at Build Your Business, where real-world experience meets expert coaching. As someone who has personally bought and sold several companies, I, Helen Gailey, understand the intricacies of this journey – not just as a transaction, but as a profound personal and professional transition.


We believe in more than just managing transactions; we believe in understanding the human side of selling a company you’ve passionately built. This program is not about theoretical expertise; it’s about sharing insights garnered from first-hand experiences in acquiring and parting ways with businesses. With a unique blend of strategic guidance, the Rebuild2win framework, will help you navigate the complexities of selling your personally crafted business.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that taps into both expertise and empathy? Let's explore the possibilities together and create a roadmap for your business sale success.

Why is Helen Gailey capable of helping you?

We successfully sold our first company, achieving a remarkable 5 times the future EBIT to a prominent industrial group. With the proceeds, I ventured into acquiring another company – a decision that would prove to be a pivotal lesson in the complex world of business transactions.

Regrettably, it was just before the 2009 financial collapse. Believing I had all the answers, I made the audacious move to change countries, relocate my family, and assumed my financial resources would secure expert advice. Little did I know, money can attract individuals more interested in their share than your success. I overpaid for the company, even putting up personal collateral based on misguided advice. From Day 1, the deal was destined for challenges.

Trusting the advice of bankers and lawyers, I later discovered that commissions clouded the deal, and the company’s true value did not align with my substantial investment. The promised future cash flow, intended to repay the Management Buy In (MBI), was far from reality. I failed to conduct my own Due Diligence, naively relying on the assurances of lawyers and auditors. These oversights led to financial liquidation and the painful loss of my personal fortune.

This experience, though incredibly tough, uniquely positions me to guide you. I understand the pitfalls firsthand, and I know what to look for. If you’re navigating the complex terrain of business acquisitions, my insights can be your compass, helping you avoid the pitfalls that once cost me dearly.

Who Is This For: Unlocking Success in Transitions

Are you an entrepreneur on the brink of retirement with no family successor in sight? Or perhaps you’re a younger business owner reaching a pivotal stage, seeking the right investment for the next phase of your journey. Build Your Business understands the unique challenges you face in these critical moments of transition.


Our ‘Sell Your Business’ program, led by experienced coach Helen Gailey, is tailored for entrepreneurs like you. Whether you’re passing the torch after decades of hard work or positioning your business for the next leap forward, our expertise and the Rebuild2win framework can guide you through the complexities of selling a business and optimizing it for a prosperous future.

Entrepreneurs at Retirement:

If you’re considering retirement and want to ensure a successful exit for your business, our program provides the guidance and strategies you need.

Business Owners

If you’re a business owner facing a critical juncture, whether it’s seeking investment for growth or preparing for a strategic exit, our expertise can support your goals.

Who It's Not For:

Quick Sell Seekers:

If you’re looking for a quick sell without strategic planning, this program may not align with your expectations.

Business Owners Unwilling to Learn:

If you’re not open to learning new strategies and insights to optimize your business for sale, this may not be the right fit.


Selling at the right time can unlock maximum value and open new doors for your next venture. Our program provides insights to help you make informed decisions. Starting early in the preparation process, which can take up to two years, is crucial. This proactive approach allows you to make the best decisions for your company, ensuring a smooth transition. Waiting until you’re forced to close or sell hastily can lead to unfavourable outcomes.

The Rebuild2win framework, explained in our free 44-minute webinar, offers a seven-step process to revise, optimize, and position your business for a successful sale. It will help you to prepare not only you, your team and your clients, but also help you identify the right see potential buyers even within the company.

Our program is designed for entrepreneurs facing this exact situation. We’ll guide you through the process of defining the right buyer to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes, our program is adaptable to various business sizes and industries. Helen Gailey’s expertise spans a wide range of sectors, ensuring relevance to your unique business scenario. Remember it is a process that you as a business owner needs to understand how bankers and lawyers will want from you. And so thus be prepared for your negotiation. Helen does not replace expert advisers and has a pool of experts to work with, but often, there is internal work to get done to prepare the company before the experts arrive with complicated terms like due diligence and audits.

To book a call and delve deeper into your specific needs, simply attend our free webinar. At the end of the session, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a personalized 90 minute FREE call with Helen Gailey to discuss your project.

No, the ‘Sell Your Business’ program is not a brokerage service and does not directly find buyers for your business. Instead, it focuses on empowering you as the business owner. Our program guides you through a comprehensive process of self-assessment, optimization, and preparation for an investor pitch. This strategic approach allows you to showcase your business effectively and attract potential investors or buyers. While the program provides valuable insights and tools, the ultimate responsibility for finding a buyer remains with the business owner. However, Helen can offer guidance on where to find and select your optimised buyer during the coaching sessions.