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Who is Helen and Why Listen ?

I have been in business for over 30 years after 10 years in corporate, I created, sold and bought several companies. These last 20 years as an entrepreneur, have given me first hand experiences of what it is like to sell your company,  buy one, make pitches to investors and how to even close a company. All these experiences give me the natural first hand authority to be able to help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

Today I share my entrepreneurial knowledge as a public speaker  &  a business coach in many international countries.

The REBUILD2WIN Framework

Unlocks the Secrets to Rebuilding and Selling Your Company Successfully

This is for you if you are a small business owner who currently
has NO plans for the succession of your company.
And BEFORE starting the process to sell, wishes to REBUILD the business in order to attain
a better valuation and assure the smoothest possible transfer of ownership.

  • Without disrupting employees and customers who may lose confidence.

  • Without paying expensive auditors & lawyers that will exhaust your time.

  • Without having to liquidate your company.

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