Master the Art of Buying a Business

Transform Your Entrepreneurial Journey with
Our Exclusive 3-Month Coaching Program


Are you ready to take a leap into business ownership but don’t know where to start? Discover the pathway to success with our comprehensive “Master the Art of Buying a Business” coaching package.

Over three months, you’ll gain personalised, expert guidance to navigate the complex process of purchasing a business. From identifying lucrative opportunities to negotiating deals and managing due diligence, our unique and personalised program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and secure your business future. 

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Coaching Program Highlights:

  1. Personalised Coaching Sessions:
    1. Engage in tailored one-to-one coaching sessions focused on your specific goals and challenges.
    2. Benefit from regular check-ins and strategy sessions that ensure consistent progress and address any emerging issues.
  2. Identifying the Ideal Acquisition:
    1. Finding the Right Business: Learn strategies for identifying potential businesses that align with your goals, including understanding market trends and recognising valuable opportunities.
    2. Approaching the Owner: Master the techniques for initiating contact and expressing interest in a way that is professional and conducive to positive engagement.
    3. Defining Your Ideal Company Profile: Develop a clear profile of your ideal acquisition, including industry, size, location, and performance criteria, to guide your search and evaluation process.
    4. Red Flags to Avoid: Learn to identify deal-breakers and red flags in potential acquisitions, from financial discrepancies to cultural mismatches.
  3. Comprehensive Due Diligence Training:
    1. Understanding Due Diligence: Dive deep into the due diligence process, understanding its role in assessing the legal, financial, and operational aspects of the target company.
    2. Financial Analysis: Learn to scrutinise financial statements, cash flow, debts, and projections to understand the company’s true financial health.
    3. Legal and Compliance Checks: Understand how to review legal contracts, employment agreements, and compliance with industry regulations.
    4. Operational Assessment: Evaluate the company’s operational efficiency, market position, and reputation to ensure a valuable investment.
  4. Advanced Negotiation Strategies:
    1. Develop sophisticated negotiation skills to effectively communicate your interests, make compelling offers, and close deals with favourable terms.
    2. Learn to navigate complex discussions, understand the psychology of negotiation, and employ tactics that lead to successful outcomes.
  5. Building Your Advisory Team:
    1. Selecting the Right Partners: Learn how to choose and collaborate with the right advisors and experts, from financial planners to legal counsel, ensuring you have a strong support network.
    2. Evaluating Proposals: Gain the skills to critically assess different expert proposals and advice, making informed decisions to avoid misguided counsel and align with the best professionals for your needs.

Why is Helen Gailey capable of helping you?

We sold our first company for 5 x the future EBIT to a large industrial group.
With the money, I went on to buy another company. BADLY. It was just before 2009 and before the financial collapse. I decided to change countries, move the family and I thought (arrogantly) that I knew it all, and that my money would pay for great advice. But in fact, money attracts greedy people who want a share.  I paid far too much money for the company and I also put up personal collateral which was terrible advice. All this is to say that the deal was not good from Day 1. 
You see I trusted the bankers and lawyers that were advising me. I discovered several years later that everyone touched a commission in the deal, and that the value of the company was really not worth what I paid, nor was the future cashflow that was supposed to pay back the MBI (Management Buy In). I had not carried out my own Due Diligence, I thought that what the lawyers and auditors said were correct! These mistakes caused the financial liquidation and the loss of my personal fortune too. So if anyone can help you, I certainly can because I know what to look for from my very painful experience. 

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

In summary, our “How to Buy a Business” programme is designed for the determined, the visionary, and the strategic thinker ready to embark on a journey of business ownership. With a blend of personalised coaching, comprehensive due diligence training, and advanced negotiation strategies, we’re here to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into tangible success.



Aspiring and Established Entrepreneurs:

Whether you’re making your first foray into entrepreneurship or you’re an experienced business owner looking to expand, our programme is tailored for individuals committed to diving deep into the business acquisition space. If you’re seeking to solidify your footprint in the business world by acquiring an established entity, this programme is your gateway to success.

Corporate Executives
Seeking a New Chapter:

Are you a corporate executive contemplating a significant career transition? Perhaps you’ve had a long, successful tenure in the corporate world and find yourself at a crossroads, seeking more control and a direct impact in the business world. Whether you’re leaving by choice or looking for a fresh start after a structural shift in your organisation, our programme offers the perfect launchpad. We provide the insights, tools, and personalised guidance to pivot your extensive experience towards owning and running a business, turning this transition into an exciting opportunity for growth and personal achievement.

Ambitious Individuals with a Vision:

This programme is for the visionaries who see beyond the horizon. If you have a clear picture of the industry or niche you want to dominate but need strategic guidance to make it happen, our comprehensive approach is designed for you. We cater to those who are not just dreaming but are ready to take actionable steps towards acquiring a business that aligns with their vision and aspirations.



No this is a personalised one-to-one coaching program, where your goals and questions will be answered. There is a structure that will guide our work but each client has individual needs to their entrepreneurial journey.

This course is not selling you a business, but guiding you in your purchase. There are obviously other costs when purchasing a business. Firstly the actual price of the transaction, as well as all the legal fees and financial experts. The idea of being coached is to help you avoid paying too much for unnecessary costs. And to be able to help you best choose your experts. 

As this is a 3 month personal coaching program, there is no guarantee to be reimbursed the cost of the coaching. That is why we have a free call to see if we can work together and structure your goals. 

Buying a company is not like shopping at the grocery store. Even buying a car needs reflexion and time. Buying a company is an important moment in your entrepreneur transition, and Helen is there to help and guide you on this journey. Some take longer than others. 

3 months is the minimal time to process a transformation and clarify an important purchase. If after 3 months, you need to continue to be coached on a less regular commitment, we can discuss further collaboration. If you already have an idea when starting, the 3 months will allow you to reach a Due Diligence stage in your negotiation. However you will have gained all the tools and knowledge to continue your search. 

The Financial investment is 3000 CHF,  a weekly coaching one-to-one session  on zoom as well as documentation during 3 full months. Please check out the full program details.

We can perfectly discuss together to adapt the schedule if necessary by one or two weeks.

This is a coaching course to help you make a purchase. We do not provide you with the company to buy.